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NuVou Solutions is committed to delivering prompt, adaptable, and proficient workforce solutions that meet the various needs of our clients. Our workforce team is comprised of diverse roles strategically positioned to address staffing gaps with a focus on delivering high-quality and safe care. At NuVou Solutions we are redefining healthcare solutions through our innovative business model that emphasizes collaboration, continuity of care, and the utmost respect for our frontline workforce and clients alike.

 Our mission is to enhance staffing compliments by providing exceptional service and innovative solutions to our clients. Through our approach, we have thrived as a business, ensuring that our clients receive the best care possible, and we look forward to the opportunity to contribute our expertise and commitment to your organization's success.


We want you to feel safe in our care.

We Offer a Range of Services and supports


Whether a nurse, physician, pharmacist, or any other healthcare professional, this program will help you navigate the Canadian healthcare system, understand healthcare regulations, and deliver high-quality care to patients. 


If you require knowledgeable trained staff to fulfill any long or short term absence or require additional staff during peak periods within your company, we can fulfill your  staffing needs. 


Our extensive registry of both registered and non registered staff will ensure that we are able to fulfill the job of providing you or a loved one with the best home care and hospital experience.


NuVou consultancy mobilizes quickly to provide, care co-ordination, clinical leadership and advocacy to our clients. We manage all the details of our client’s healthcare challenges and staffing needs.


Agency Reviews

What they’re saying

Very good/flexible contract when it comes to hiring agency staff. 


Everyone I’ve had contact with has been friendly, responsive and supportive! 

Melissa T

Amazing from day 1. Very in tuned with staff and their needs.

Yasmine S


We Believe Every Client Is a Valuable Long-Term Partner

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